Nourishment Coaching

Nourishment & Cooking
Empowerment Program

As your Nourishment Coach, I’m here to help you create a nourished lifestyle that works uniquely for you: from learning how to cook delicious nutrient-dense meals, to developing healthy habits and a supportive mindset.

If you long for a balanced, healthy lifestyle that supports your daily vitality and your capacity to live a life you love, you’re not alone!

It’s common to be so busy that our health and diet fall behind on the list of priorities, and we may find ourselves consistently stressed in the kitchen and overwhelmed with how to get started with our well-being.

I’ve been a professional chef for 12 years, and today, I have a passion for supporting others to create nourishment, harmony and joy in their lives.

I stress vegetables, proteins and healthy fats in my cooking, and all of my recipes are designed to be simple and quick to meet the busy times we live in.

I specialize in working with food-sensitive diets, due in part to my own health and dietary restrictions.

With nourishment coaching, you can:

  • Learn the fundamentals of delicious healthy cuisine, from grocery shopping to cooking techniques and kitchen tools
  • Find new inspiration and support with your unique diet (such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, paleo, keto, AIP or beyond)
  • Receive uniquely designed recipes, organizational tips and ongoing support to help you meet your health goals
  • Integrate intuitive cooking into your lifestyle
  • Experience peace, joy, creativity and harmony in your relationship to food and health

Are you looking for guidance in how to feel healthy, grounded, and alive?

Wherever you are in that journey, you deserve to be nourished.

Through tools, recipes, and education, I support you to fuel your life with what you need to thrive.

Contact me to re-energize your health journey and bring creativity, fun, and sanctuary to your kitchen and body. 

I specialize in special diet needs, food allergies, and trouble-shooting food for busy cooks.

My Nourishment and Empowerment Coaching Program is designed to assist you in-person, over-the-phone, or online.

Nourishment coaching plans are individualized.

I can provide you some or all of the following offerings, tailored to your unique needs and health goals:

  • Customized recipes and food tips based on specific diet and lifestyle needs
  • Total pantry restructuring including equipment, dry goods, meats and produce
  • Education around paleo cooking, meal timing, exercise, stretching, stress management and relaxation
  • Connecting you with local food sources or mail order sources for highest quality meat and eggs
  • Weekly phone or videocall for support and guidance (such as Zoom or Skype)
  • For those in a 30 minute radius to Boulder, CO, cooking lessons!

No need to pick and choose these bulleted items. We will figure it out together. We can begin your journey with a complimentary discovery session, no commitment needed!

It’s my pleasure to empower you to create healthy, nutritious, and delicious meals that support the life you desire. 


Do you want to increase the flavor and consistency of the meals you prepare?

Are you so busy that you have a hard time cooking during the week?

Do you have a special diet such as GAPS, Auto-immune Protocol, FODMAPS, or have food allergies or intolerances that sometimes feel daunting and make it difficult to keep cooking simple?

Are your food preferences or dietary restrictions, or that of family member, creating a home landscape with meals that feel complex or overwhelming?

Nourishment coaching can support you to find health while keeping things simple, serene, and joyful.

Everyone's needs are so different.

As your nourishment coach, I look at your unique food conundrum as a puzzle and I'm passionate about creating simple systems that work in the kitchen and in your life! I have 15 years of experience, focusing on special diets and clean foods that are delicious and fulfilling. I use healing spices, roots, protein, healthy fats, and organic vegetables and herbs to assist you with this journey. 

I meet you where you are, and together, we build a refined path of nourishment, that empowers you with tools to bring nutrient-dense foods to your body in a simple and sustainable way. 

I hold you accountable, following up with you often, in a compassionate container, free of judgement

I invite you to take this journey, and start with finding out more with a complementary 30 minute session!

By implementing new tools and supportive solutions, you’ll be rewarded with greater vitality, less pain and discomfort, and a priceless sense of well-being and nourishment. 


Cooking is a lost art. So many of my peers rely on food delivery services or fad diets. We've lost the ability to connect with our food and our palates. 

Maria brings her staggering knowledge and deep heart to the task of helping people to learn how to nourish themselves. During my time working with Maria I've not only learned how to cook delicious food but I've started to rebuild my relationship with my body and my soul. Her recipes are incredibly nutritious and are able to be modified for a wide variety of food sensitivities and diet plans. 

If you are looking to bring heart back into your kitchen but don't know where to start - call Maria. Also, she's incredibly funny and a joy to be around, she'll make the process fun!

— Marc A.

I was moved to sign on for nourishment coaching with Chef Maria following advice from my healthcare practitioner that I eat a more nutrient-dense diet.  This advice happened to coincide with Maria's launch of Heartful Kitchen: a cookbook for every body.  Overwhelmed by the prospect of eating differently (combined with continued responsibilities to cook for family members), I took this as a sign and contacted my new navigator for a complimentary initial session.

Maria has been the ideal sherpa in my journey to steer away from excess carbs and sugars
 longtime dietary staples of mine.  She has given me tools for preparing tasty vegetables, proteins, and healthy fats, while also equipping me with a number of resources to make food preparation healthier while keeping it relatively stress-free.  She is everything you'd want in an experienced guide — knowledgeable, flexible, and an exceedingly careful listener who provides detailed notes after each consultation and is available between sessions via texting and email.

I particularly appreciate her ability to adjust ingredients for my particular digestive needs.  In fact, every recipe in the cookbook includes recommended adjustments for individuals following particular food plans, including my own low FODMAPS requirement.  She has helped me work through my inclinations to give up when I don't eat "perfectly" and through her kind support and guidance, I am more aware of choosing what I want to eat and the steps I need to prepare delicious and healthy foods.  It's easier than I anticipated and sometimes I hear Maria's gentle instruction in my head when I plan my snacks for the day ahead.  I've observed feeling more satisfied after eating and less tired through the day, with an easier time maintaining my weight (versus gaining).  I strongly recommend this investment in your health and nutrition

— Holly C.

Heartful eating with Maria has been the magic bullet to help me regain my digestive health, vitality, mental focus and reduce inflammation I had been experiencing for over a year.

I had been spending much focus on trying to determine why I had many food sensitivities that were causing acid reflux, sleepless nights, irregular energies, cravings and sinus issues. I signed up for Chef Maria’s cooking classes and she came to my home for a kickstart program. Besides being fun, her wisdom and concern about the wellbeing of her clients, her follow-up and referrals are  stellar.

Within 4 days of preparing my meals from Chef Maria’s Heartful Kitchen cookbook, my digestive issues and sugar cravings disappeared. I had less perceived hunger and I was sleeping well again . Weeks later, my level of hunger diminished, and I am being sustained by far less quantity than I had been eating in the past. The  balance of quality rich foods are satisfying and sustain me through the day.

Within a few weeks, I noticed my sinus issues virtually disappeared. I am enjoying  preparing delicious meals that I can eat for several days and be creative with the well-stocked refrigerator to make supplemental dishes. I look forward to planning my meals, love being in my kitchen (which is a first for me) as well as being creative by adding special touches to my meals.  My friends are also reaping the benefits from my new culinary explorations too! I’m beginning to feel like the me I thought I should always be.

— Leslie V. G.

Who doesn't like a kind, non-judgmental, and encouraging soul?

Chef Maria has a warm easy-going way of discovering your needs and how to best address them. Her consultation is packed with sound advice on how to manage one's health, specifically geared toward individual issues.

She covers not only creative and nourishing food recommendations, but also overall care of self, including fresh air and exercise, meditation/prayer, journaling, sleeping, supplements, socializing, and just slowing down and appreciating life.

Her motivating demeanor backed by sound knowledge inspires me to be aware of and implement her creative, healthy self-care practices.

Being held accountable helps with achieving these goals. I receive follow-up emails with detailed how-to suggestions and links pertaining expressly for my autoimmune needs. I'm grateful to have met her!

— Melissa S.