My Podcast Episode with Y On Earth!

I recently had the opportunity to record a podcast episode with my friend Aaron Perry from Y One Earth. Aaron is a pioneer in the realms of sustainability and stewardship practices.

In this podcast episode, we talk about great food, health, nutrition, inspiration, and the way food nurtures us and our relationships.

In the podcast, we cover:

  • How to nourish ourselves and our loved ones even in the midst of our busy, modern day lifestyles
  • How my grandmother, mother, and cultural heritage inspire my cooking and relationship to food
  • My personal journey and what brought me to learn more about special diets 
  • My brand new cookbook, Heartful Kitchen: A Cookbook For Every Body
  • How to move toward a clean, nutrient-dense diet 
  • How to enjoy flavor-bursting dishes
  • Nutritional and organizational tips
  • A live tasting of Decadent Power Truffles, a delicious sugar-free dessert (or snack!) featured in the book
  • And much more..! 

Tune in and let me know what pieces resonated with you!
You can watch the full episode on YouTube, or listen to it via the Y On Earth website, iTunes, or Google Play. Enjoy!

As Aaron says beautifully, “Food is central to the cultivation of our relationships to our connection with the soil, our planet, and people all over the world.

How does food help you connect with your body and the planet?
How does it help you connect with those you love?