Healthy Summertime Meals To Keep You Nourished

Most of us live busy lifestyles. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be fully nourished!

There are simple new habits you can develop to support yourself, your vitality and your health.

For example, all it takes is making extra when you cook dinner, so that you can take the leftovers as your lunch when you go to work the next day, and avoid eating out or going for a less healthy option.

When considering meal ideas for the week, keep it simple.

Go for flavorful dishes of protein, veggies, and add in a satisfying textural components that appeals to you, like nuts!

Here are some of ideas to play with:

  • Roasted cashews, spiralized or thinly sliced zucchini, carrot, and yellow squash, and wild salmon with a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil and lemon.
  • Chopped Avocado, browned ground lamb or turkey, nuts of your choice, on a bed of sliced bitter greens such as arugula or mizuna, drizzed with toasted sesame oil and sesame seeds. 
  • Pulled rotisserie chicken, sliced kale, radish, carrot, and your favorite vinaigrette.

Check out my recipes for Lime Ginger Chicken Salad or Bombay Chicken Salad in Heartful Kitchen if you prefer to follow a recipe!

For a vegan option, check out the Crisp Mediterranean Salad, packed full of nutrient-rich veggies!

Prep for success!

Feeling full of vitality is such a gift.

Meal prep is one of the most effective measures of self-care we can do! 

It frees up time in our schedules during the week, and mental space we can devote to activities we love, quiet time with ourselves, or quality time with loved ones.

A bit of planning can go a long way, and grant you the level of harmony, calm, and energized living you desire.