Delicious Recipes To Increase Methylation

You may have heard of methylation and why it’s such an area of focus for health-conscious individuals!

And if you haven’t, let me tell you a bit about this important body function, and how it contributes to your health and vitality.

The process of methylation is the equivalent of a multitude of on and off switches in your body that on/off switches that control everything from your stress response and how your body makes energy from food, to your brain chemistry and detoxification.

Methylation impacts:

  • your stress response
  • your energy levels
  • your response to inflammation
  • your ability to naturally detoxify
  • the balance of your brain chemistry
  • and much more!

For more information on methylation, read this simple and informative article from Mind Body Green.

Today, as my gift to you, I want to share with you 4 recipes from my cookbook Heartful Kitchen that support methylation and as a result, will enhance your health and energy on many levels!

In addition, here is a list of nutrients/paleo foods that increase methylation in the body:

  • Folate: chickpeas, lentils, leafy greens (e.g., spinach, kale, collards, mustard greens, bok choy), strawberries, and citrus (e.g., grapefruit, oranges, lemons)
  • Vitamin B6: grass-fed beef, pistachios, avocado, blackstrap molasses, tuna, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds
  • Vitamin B12: fish, organic meats, seaweed (laver and nori), eggs
  • Methionine: Brazil nuts are a super source, while other excellent to good sources include sesame seeds, tuna, eggs 
  • Choline (which oxidizes to a methyl called betaine, aka trimethylglycine (TMG)): beets, Brussel sprouts, broccoli, liver, eggs, raw cauliflower, cooked beet greens, cooked asparagus
  • DMG: pumpkin seeds
  • DMAE: anchovies, salmon, sardines 
  • SAM-e: although there are no direct food sources of SAM-e, it is a compound made from methionine (see above), so it is acquired indirectly

Enjoy these delicious healthy recipes that will give your health a boost! Your body will thank you.

Happy cooking!